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Who is chosen and who is doomed?

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However, regardless of the Rulers’ wishes, numerous statements have been made over the years, many by well-known and affluent persons, including American astronauts themselves, who repeatedly hinted at the existence of alien life forms and suggested that we are not alone in the Universe.

As stated by Dr Carol Rosin in 1974, professor Wenher von Braun, as he lay dying in his bed, said that we could have had peace with all extraterrestrial civilisations as early as in the 1970s. But notions such as peace, truth, or freedom all look very well on paper, say in the text of a political speech, and not when you live your life as a privileged tycoon whose everyday routine consists mainly of deceiving and stealing from the masses.

So what other plans, apart from concealing their contacts with extraterrestrial civilisations, are harboured by the Illuminati? Is there a safe way of bringing these plans to light?

Much can be learned from the conversation between the author of the book “Don’t touch this book” with a member of this highly secretive group, which brings us closer to the reality offered by these presumptuous men of power. A personal meeting between Jan Van Helsing and a certain American Illuminatus took place in the autumn of 2003. The man claimed that the most significant global problem, as perceived by the Illuminati, is overpopulation. He also predicted that by 2012 the gigantic oil deposits in Saudi Arabia will have reached their peak, which is also when an entirely new global problem will arise. What he meant was that every deposit of an extractable resource has a certain peak point, i.e. the time when it generates the highest profits. Initially it’s all about costs: with all the derricks, drilling, etc. If oil is struck, the costs will sooner or later be covered and a period of profitable exploitation will begin. This can continue until approximately two thirds of the available resource have been extracted. At that point, due to additional impurities found in the oil (sediments, dirt...), costs go up again due to the necessity of filtering and purifying the end product. The period of highest profit is called the peak as afterwards, the profit curve tends to go drop due to filtration costs. The oil field in Saudi Arabia, according to the Illuminatus, are about to peak in 2012.

After that date, problems may begin as all products derived from oil will start to become more and more expensive – never to be cheaper again. Some might say that “free energy” could solve the problem, but the man claimed that this is little more than wool over our eyes, as only about 20-30% of the oil being extracted from earth is ever used in transport or energy industries: meaning as fuel for means of transport or central heating. Without oil processing, virtually nothing will be possible – there will be no paint, no plastic, no computers, no furniture, no toys, no textiles, shoes or digital cameras. But even that in itself is not yet the worst of it. In 2012, a rapid growth of the Earth’s population is expected. On the one hand, all commodities will become more expensive, on the other, there’ll be more people but less work available to them.  The situation must be avoided. Therefore, already in the 1980s, some governments, particularly in Africa and in Islamic regions, were urged to:

deal with the problem of population growth. But they were not able to eliminate the problem, so we will take care of it ourselves. We have at our disposal so called ethnic weaponry, which responds to certain genetic traits thus allowing us to decimate only certain groups of the society, i.e. specific races.”

In the eyes of the Iluminati, the “scroungers” of the world are for instance the peoples of Africa, as they produce nothing, are bent exclusively on consumption and “breed like rabbits”.

It is the society’s opinion that on a global scale, masses of people react and behave like animals. They perceive people as cattle and treat them accordingly. And what do you do with cattle? – you brand it! Therefore, each person is to have an electronic implant placed under their skin – at least that’s how his argument went.

Whatever our opinion of the above points, it must be said that there is also another factor of vital importance in our era, namely the significant influence of intelligent beings originating from outside of our Solar System, which leaves the Illuminati little choice in their policies. According to the interviewee, the new world order has long established itself on Earth by now. George Bush senior officially proclaimed it in 1990, with the whole world watching on television. It is no secret anymore. Prior to this event, all the preparations for the introduction of new world order had already been set in place, appropriate legislation was created that clearly foreshadowed its coming. According to a number of sources, the Illuminati came to an agreement with alien civilisations and were granted access to their technologies to allow them to introduce representatives of other worlds in our own systems of representation, all of it as early as in the 1950s. They even infiltrated the Pentagon and were always eager to grant their support in order to encourage the creation of a global government under the auspices of the UN. Their means were not always meritorious. The future of the human race lies in the Cosmos. According to the illumianus any meaningful cooperation with its inhabitants will only be possible once we have become a single, united world where the danger of internal conflict has been averted. Thus, they strive to impose this form of global governance, and people will simply have to get used to it. The Illuminati have already informed worldwide governments of their intentions and presented them with a simple alternative – submit and cooperate or be made to do so by force. The countries which elect to resist will soon be faced with war. Or... purposefully staged revolutions that will destroy their economies.

And there will also be another problem.

Visitors from other worlds have a different understanding of divinity from the one predominant in our world. They know no Moses, Jesus or Buddha. Naturally, they have been informed of their existence and respect the religions, at least as far as they favour peaceable communication. However, any religion which will in effect isolate visitors from other world or be openly hostile towards them cannot survive in such a world.

When asked why the media go to such lengths to stupefy populations, maintain their low intellectual capacities by feeding them low quality, pulp entertainment, the Illuminatus responded:

Of course they do it. But people are free to switch the channel. We may provide spiritually detrimental pornography, but we also allow theatre plays and classical concerts. Do you imagine I have ever watched through an entire talk show? Such things are meant for people of lower intellectual ability. We need to give the mob something to fill their time, so they don’t go about doing something stupid. In a couple of years we’ll have braded them all electronically and then they won’t be causing any more trouble.”

If you fail to use your own intellect and freely give up your personal freedom, you will not miss it once it is lost. The knowledge is freely available! It’s everywhere. But one that does not want to see, never will. The Illuminati are not in hiding, in fact they never were. Their symbols can be found on company logos and emblems, they openly communicate to the people via the press and television that they intend to create a supervisory state, and no-one seems to mind.

It is just as once depicted in the movie Matrix. There are the masses – over 95% of all humanity – who know nothing at all, about anything. And perhaps 5% - possibly even less – of those who feel like people from the future stuck in an obsolete world.

To the question of whether the Illuminati are bent on depriving the world of cash resources, we are given the following answer: It all depends on the influence of certain other factors. There will be more terrorist attacks, because they successfully serve to intimidate the masses. people all over the world will beg us to make the world safer, and that’s exactly what we’ll do using technology.

Not only do the Illuminati aim to eradicate the majority of the human population and reduce its numbers to a pre-agreed minimum. They also aim to later capture the world and fully control it. Nowadays, the master race is governed by families such as the Rotchildes or Rockefellers, and their target is to establish the “New World Order”. As far as we can predict, it is to involve a so called higher level democracy, which was accurately described by Aristotle as a “rule of hyenas over donkeys”. In practice, it is simply about sponsoring of political parties by companies and oligarchic governments.

The system is carefully designed to secure power in the hands of rich clans, and to make the subjects vent their hatred on puppet governments.

Underground bases and preparations for the arrival of Planet X

A message received by Billy Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot from a Norwegian politician on January 4th 2008, throws significant light on the situation in which the Illuminati find themselves nowadays. Along with other groups wielding global power, they are preparing for the cataclysms which are allegedly expected to accompany the passing of Planet X, a remnant of Nibiru, through our system. The politician informed them  that by the year 2012, a series of truly horrendous events will have taken place. The Norwegian government is currently busy constructing more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked about the reasons, they answer it is done for the protection of Norwegian citizens. The same is done in Israel and many other countries. To validate his claims, he provided photographs showing himself and all the prime ministers and ministers he had met over the years and managed to befriend. They are all aware of the coming of Planet X and Norway has already started their food and seed storage programmes in the region of Svalbadru as well as in the arctic north. The government is significantly aided by the USA, the EU and neighbouring countries. The scheme will only save the lives of the elites and the most powerful, who will later be able to rebuild the world: doctors, scientists, etc. He admitted that in 2012 he himself will be in the Mosjóen region, where deep underground a complex of military facilities is located. Soldiers have already been issued Norwegian badges and appropriate military camps have been built. The rest of the population, left to fend for themselves on the surface, is doomed to die and will receive no help from anyone. The plan estimates that 2 million Norwegians will be saved. The rest will die. Therefore, in the course of one night, approximately 2.6 million people will have perished, unaware of what is happening and uninstructed in any way about the best way to proceed. All the sectors and arks have been connected by a series of tunnels and fitted with railway engines, which will allow transport between the arks and communication between sectors. Each sector will be sealed off with a great gate and thus secured from any harm that might otherwise come to it. All leading politicians in Norway are aware of this fact, but few will take the time to inform anyone about it as they will be careful not to miss the NOAH 12 trains planned to take them to safety. Anyone who chooses to divulge this information is bound to die. The human race and all other livings species must survive. People must be told the truth. All worldwide governments are aware of the danger and know it is coming. Unfortunately, the only advice that can be offered to people remaining on the ground is to seek places located high over the sea level and search for caves where food supplies and water can be stored for at least five years.. Medicine against radiation sickness is also recommended, anyone who can afford it should also secure a bio-suit for themselves. Everyone inhabiting urban areas in 2012 will be the first to die. The army will later carry on methodically eliminating the rest. Soldiers will be instructed to kill anyone showing signs of resistance against being placed in concentration camps where everyone will be tagged with a number and a locating device.

The Norwegian politician has personally visited a number of underground bases. He observed that trains will be used for transport. Only a handful of people were allowed to freely travel inside. Those close to the elite circles are aware of these facts. The entire Norwegian political scene is in on the secret. They are also very painfully aware that should they ever say anything, they’ll be immediately dismissed and denied access to the underground facilities when the time comes. The NOAH 12 trains are meant for transport between the particular bases. They are to be used mainly by the military. Each base is marked with a symbol of an orange triangle and is fitted with control gates utilising a system of energy fields. To go inside everyone must step through them. And all of it because of the Planet X and its coming.

The government knows the truth, but hides it from the general public. They have been tracking the object for many years now. The first warnings came from the USA. The politician claimed that there are 18 such bases in Norway. However, he could not be specific about the full scope of the threat, as he is not a scientist. All he knows is the fact that by the year 2012, the governments will descend to underground bases which have been in construction for a good 40 or 50 years.

If the object does near Earth, disastrous consequences will be experienced on the surface. That is why they are so determined to hide underground. They assumed that in any case five years in hiding should suffice to shield them from the most grave consequences of the event. Afterwards they expect to safely re-emerge and rebuild the world. The man was only told that they had to go to safety before the year 2012 as there is an object in space which is expected to cause significant destruction on the planet.  

The commentary by the Camelot Project points out the lack of “solid” scientific data in the informer’s statement and an explanation as to how and why exactly is “planet X” such a threat to us (which we can easily deduce ourselves). They also point out that there is no sufficient explanation why hiding underground is indeed necessary. The informer writes only what he knows, nothing more. But in fact, what is most convincing in his account is the very fact that he focuses, as a politician should, on social and political rather than scientific issues.

More information on “planet X” and on what exactly it may be can be found on the excellent websites of Andy Lloyd or Marshal Masters. It has also been claimed by Henry Deacon, that the South Pole telescope was constructed with the sole purpose of tracking what he refers to as “the second sun”.

In 2012 and the years to follow, we expect to receive more information and revelations on the topic from many well-informed people. It goes without saying that it is our most sincere hope that the events described above will never actually come to pass.

Unfortunately, for some, the above confirms a sad fact that we are being controlled by an alien race which inhabits regions invisible to us, our astral sphere, also known as the fourth dimension. This “area” is relatively free of higher beings and other highly developed galactic races, and as such is a perfect refuge for “fallen angels”. They do not wish to continue their evolutionary development and experience true ascension towards a fully energy-based life form. They remain in the physical realm, but in order to continue their existence need to constantly feed on various mental energies, their favourites being the vibrations of fear, hatred and despair. These they can find in abundance in humans, whom they manipulate and set against each other for that very purpose. Although these races participate as the dark side of the force in the ultimate evolutionary game known as “Integration of Polarity”, from our perspective they are little more than “galactic rogues”, even criminals, who shun away higher spiritual development and ascension. They have allied themselves with the sphere of influence controlled by the Prince of Darkness and serve his purposes in destroying human worlds, provoking galactic conflicts, and instigating cataclysms. Some go as far as incarnate into human bodies and cause great suffering as powerful leaders and ruthless tyrants. Others act secretly from the astral sphere and twist human will towards even greater destruction and pain. Both these groups cooperate closely with Lucifer, while at the same time feeding on the low frequency vibrations emitted by the life-forms they harm. They have direct control over our global governments. The Reptilians are capable of penetrating human auras by weakening them through the use of various stimulants they encourage us to use, which generally work towards disturbing our emotional balance and shifting it to lower frequencies. Alcohol, drugs, even the cult of power or money are all elements lowering our vibration, causing disease and damaging our DNA. And once our auras have been weakened, the Reptilians gain access to our minds, can whisper advice in our subconscious, urge us to commit crimes and evil deeds. They work hand in hand with the Illuminati and other human renegades and jointly control our world, supervising the Global Management Team.

The last thing they wish for is a well-informed society. This is why the deceitful system of enslavement is so strongly facilitated by religion, the media, and the system of education. It is their goal to keep us in a permanent state of fear and uncertainty. And, considering their egoistic goals, they are fairly successful in doing so.

Ultimately, however, it’s all down to ourselves. Will we choose the Maker’s path or end up in a holo-prison? On the other hand, if it were not for evil, people would simply linger on, in a state of spiritual and civilisational stagnation, like some nice, benign plants, deprived of any drive towards self-development and uninterested in discovering the true nature of the physical reality. As such, we would never reach the point where we can, by the sheer force of our souls,  see through the world’s illusion.

Madlen Namro

For Mindscape Magazine 2012

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